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Inspiration: A love/peace story

The creative mind requires a variety of pathways to develop its potential: interest in certain subjects, ideas, creative role models and openness to finding solutions. However, the most important precursor of a passionate all-encompassing creativity is inspiration.

Being inspired is analogous to falling in love. Of course it differs from romantic love in one very important way. Though it desires fulfillment, it expects nothing in return. Even unfulfilled, it will return again and again.

Inspiration can fill us with the promise of fulfillment in body and soul. The electrical surge, when responded to, flows until the inspired creation is completed. If we don't receive or respond, it simply fades and disappears. Our responsiveness to inspiration can bring us joyful communication, the most sought after ingredient of love and — yes — inner peace.

How is inspiration accomplished? Can it be ordained, demanded, ordered? No!

How do we "get it"? We allow inspiration to enter our consciousness while letting go of our conditioned beliefs and responses.

However, there is a third step: Our recognition of inspiration as an essential need. The "how" of doing that requires mental and spiritual realization of the love and peace that already resides on several levels of our being. This realization, usually acquired through meditation, will make recognition possible.

Inspiration, if we are responsive, has the power to sweep us into creative self-expression at unexpected moments. We are suddenly captivated with a rush of excitement. This joyous delight that in most cases sweeps us off our feet is like a romantic lover who stimulates our immediate response.

For some, this "lover" will stimulate an art expression or an invention of some sort. For others, an esoteric idea or prophecy or solutions. For others, a musical composition, song or dance — a new way of doing that re-forms all past accomplishment.

Inspiration, a glorious, happy-making energy, captures us. We are on the lookout for it every minute of the day. It floods our dreams by day or night. We realize that our old ways of seeing and seeking fulfillment are pale and lifeless by comparison.

Sometimes, the enemies of inspiration rear up, blocking our vision, halting our response. These ugly fellows scream, warn and induce fear. They are our old core beliefs in limitation, negativity, our outworn views of ourselves and others.

If they capture our attention, we hear calls such as, "artists don't earn a good living," or "you're not talented or smart enough," or "you're too old for all that stuff," or "you should stick with what you know" or "you don't have time to get into that now."

If we decide to allow these shouts to dominate and persuade us, then the love affair with inspiration will disappear from our life. If we see these fear-mongers for what they are, our old frightened beliefs trying to keep us safe in the status quo, we might be able to let go of them and see the adventurous, fun path that our adventurer-inventor-artist wants to explore.

Most importantly, besides reuniting with our true creative self, we rediscover and feel once again the presence of inspiration, our true love. Then, if we choose, we can move in together, to start our cohabitation in earnest as we explore our connection with life purpose and spirit within who wait eagerly to help create and live a life of inspiration.

Charu Colorado is a multi-media artist and art teacher as well as transformational dream and art coach. She is the founder and director of the holistic organization Creating Our Life. She lives in Ashland Oregon and shows her art work in this region and on the Internet. View her art and/or receive information about special events at: www.charucolorado.com or coaching: www.creatingourlife.com or call 541-482 6319.

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