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Rain damage closes Darkwing Manor

The local haunted house known as Darkwing Manor won't be open as planned Saturday night after muddy conditions on Friday caused damage to a neighbor's field used for parking and vehicles became stuck. The operators announced the closure this morning on Facebook, and said the popular attraction won't be back in future years either.

From the Facebook post: 

"It is with much regret that we must announce Darkwing Manor will be closed tonight, Saturday, Nov. 1. The torrential downpour we had Thursday night had lingering effects. We thought with no rain on Friday we could park cars without damage; this was not the case. Damage to our good neighbor’s field is considerable and we do not want to cause any additional harm. In addition, many vehicles were stuck. If we opened Saturday, many more vehicles would be mired in the mud, causing unacceptable damage.

It has become evident that we are dealing with an element beyond our control: the weather. The high risk of putting on an outdoor event no longer makes sense. It is unfair to our partner charities, our volunteers, and our neighbors, the Battens, who have graciously allowed us to use their field for parking, to continue to try and “beat the odds” of the weather cooperating. Therefore, we are announcing that this was the last year for Darkwing."

The event, held in a historic two-story mansion in Phoenix,  is the creation of homeowners Tim and Tina Reuwsaat, who donate proceeds from the admission charge to a local charity each year. This year's beneficiary is Court Appointed Special Advocates.