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Tidings Haiku Corner: Week of March 9-14

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Monday, March 9

My fried circuitry

is sparking with desire,

how I miss your touch

— Scott Wozniak

Tuesday, March 10

There on the sidewalk

See snail's shining silver script

Tiny wordless scribe

— Bianca Powell

Wednesday, March 11

Dusk — a prescient pause —

digest the day, dim the light

welcome in the night

— Dot Fisher Smith

Thursday, March 12

A mean ol’ haiku

counts these sounds out in its head,

passing quick judgment.

— Scott Wozniak

Friday, March 13

Their liquor is rain

cheated of its dreariness

when ducks riot ‘round.

— Lawrence Nagel

Saturday, March 14

Old and forgetful

Hearing aids, glasses, wood cane

The love of my life

— Bianca Powell

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