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Quiche, soup, salad and tea service at Fairy Godmother's

Dainty sandwiches, scones and sweets aren’t the only bill of fare at a Central Point teahouse.

Quiche, soup and salad, along with a daily special, have joined the menu at Fairy Godmother’s Tea Cottage, which recently expanded its hours. Now open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday, the teahouse aims to serve lunch crowds that can’t linger over a steaming cuppa.

Because there’s nothing leisurely about lunching with a preschooler, I decided to put Fairy Godmother’s latest concept to the test with my 3-year-old son. Arriving after the noontime lunch rush, we also missed the day’s special pork roast. Regardless, I typically gravitate to quiche and soup, which were broccoli-spinach and cream of broccoli, respectively.

I could have tacked on a mixed-greens salad for another $2. But the quiche-soup combo was plenty filling with the inclusion of a scone and pot of tea, all for $13.

My son would have been satisfied with a sandwich from the a la carte selections, but the “mini me” tea confirmed this as something of an occasion. For $8.50, kids under 8 can choose a sandwich that comes with fruits and veggies, sweet treats and their own pot of tea or hot chocolate.

A variety of tea-service options remains Fairy Godmother’s specialty. Teatime can be as simple as the “cream tea” with homemade scones, jam, lemon curd and the house version of Devonshire cream, priced at $8.50 per person. The afternoon tea’s addition of sandwiches and desserts composes a filling meal for $20. The “royal tea” is a feast that also includes sparkling cider, soup and salad for $28.

Whether meals are arranged on tiered stands or individual plates, delicate china is a teahouse mainstay. Colorful cloth napkins in whimsical rings, elegant glassware and floral arrangements complete Fairy Godmother’s genteel décor.

Cradled in a tea cozy, my pot of coronation tea proved a proper companion for Fairy Godmother’s light, moist, melt-in-the-mouth scone that fairly crumbled away under the weight of jam, curd and cream. I had a difficult time reclaiming a few bites from my son’s eager fingers.

More of a cookie than a scone, the kids’ version didn’t fool his palate once he had tasted mine. But his acrylic-plated tea service offered plenty of other diversions, including a pocket-sized Thomas the Tank Engine to take home. Equally enamored of chocolate as of trains, he relished his hot cocoa in its own pot with miniature cup and saucer.

A tall, thin-walled teacup conveyed my soup, which must have been almost boiling when ladled into the vessel. I rarely meet a soup too hot for my liking, but I should have exercised more caution and sipped the first spoonful of this one. A customer seated at a nearby table already had commented on the soup’s extreme temperature after upsetting her portion. But I commend the kitchen for sending out the hottest food possible.

My quiche was light and fluffy, rather than dense and creamy, with a flaky crust. My only critique of the meal was repetitive flavors: broccoli in two dishes. Next time, I’ll keep my eyes peeled on social media for Fairy Godmother’s daily special and arrive early for the likes of chicken potpie.

Fairy Godmother’s Tea Cottage is at 427 E. Pine St. Call 541-772-0167.

Broccoli-spinach quiche and cream of broccoli soup at Fairy Godmother's Tea Cottage in Central Point. Sarah Lemon / for the Mail Tribune