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Inner Peace: From 'Type A' to bliss

After all efforts to improve myself, worry still seems to be my default setting. I come from a long line of worriers. But even more, if I weren’t naturally a worrier, the culture I live in would make me one. We have so many worries that I don’t know how most of us find a scrap of happiness, let alone bliss. Even if we are not Type A achievers to begin with, to survive many of us become that. From scrambling to find work, to succeed in business and in social media, we are constantly obsessed with our image. If you are producing a book or selling dog biscuits, you must promote yourself well to compete in this crowded universal web. Sometimes this makes me feel anything but bliss.

So I am studying bliss. Recently, I became acquainted with the healing work of Bill McKenna, an ordinary guy who has completely transformed his life from being guided by stress to one guided by intuition, compassion and gratitude. He seems to move through his life with joy and wonder. With this change he has discovered that he can help people heal. He is genuinely excited about his discovery of what is healing.

Here’s how it goes. You and your friend who is not feeling well sit across from each other with a glass of water between you. You ask the friend to rate their discomfort on the scale of one to 10. You tell the friend to relax and assure them they don’t have to believe anything. Then you begin your visualization of your friend in the glass of water. Imagine the water is glowing with light and the water with your friend in it is full of bliss. You see this friend absolutely whole and perfect. You hold this in your mind for a few minutes. But as you do this, let go of any outcome. This keeps you from being distracted with thoughts about how it is working. Then ask your friend to drink the glass of water and take a little walk around. Ask them to rate the discomfort again. They should immediately feel better but if need be, do it again until the discomfort is gone. McKenna says he has done this more than a thousand times and finds people feel better most of the time.

It is very simple but may not be so easy if you can’t imagine bliss or let go of the outcome. This is where I was stuck. How can I help someone else if I don’t know bliss myself?

Then I remembered that as humans we have been blessed with an incredible imagination. But as we experience life’s difficulties we use this capability to limit ourselves, actually imagining the worst instead of the best. So what is bliss? Extreme happiness, ecstasy, joy, delight, are words identified in the dictionary. So if I could use a memory of a blissful moment, could I create the energy of bliss and help my ailing friend? You probably can relate to the experience of blushing by yourself as you remembered some social faux pas. Remembering a feeling of bliss could be re-experienced right now in the mind and body just as easily as something embarrassing.

I spent several minutes then trying to think of moments of bliss: the sensation of running barefoot through freshly mowed grass, dancing tirelessly to an irresistible beat or just watching clouds race across the sky. Then as I fully remembered these instances, I realized that I now did feel bliss. I felt incredibly happy — spilling over with gratitude for my amazing life. Just by remembering bliss I was in bliss. As I walked into a gathering of people I felt joy instead of guarded, or worried. So my question is to you: What is your bliss and can you go there right now?

From the state of bliss, feeling unconditional love and appreciation, we can accomplish major changes in our physical reality. Why else were we given imagination if not to become magnificent creators? Try it right now.

Bill McKenna will be in Ashland Hills Hotel and Suites Oct. 14 and 15 for a workshop on how to visualize bliss for help with healing. Go to billmckennaevents.com to find out more about him. Registration is recommended by Oct. 3. Jean Hanna lives in Ashland and is the author of "Opening to the Mystery of Miracles" that can be found on Amazon, at Bloomsbury Books and Sound Peace.