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Myrtle Mosley Hundt

Myrtle Mosley Hundt turned 105 years old Sept. 30, 2017.

She was born in Hyden, Kentucky, population about 7,000.

She came from a family of seven, and when her “good looking” sister married and moved West with her husband, the others had to pick up her duties at the farm she left behind.

Months after her sister left, she and came back for Myrtle and brought her to Yakima, Washington. By then she was a teen with very little education, not even completing the eighth grade. She picked fruit that summer and stayed with her sister through the winter, then she moved in with Uncle Lloyd.

When she met Uncle Lloyd's mining partner, Joe Texiar, they married, had two daughters, Gene and Virginia, and one son, Jimmy. Joe was killed in a mining accident, and at the time Myrtle was working in the hospital as a nurse’s aide.

She later married George Hundt, they bought property and lived there until he passed away.

Being 105 comes with a lot of baggage, she says, but lots of wisdom, as well.

Words of wisdom from Myrtle: "Always be working on something, improving every day, it will keep your mind busy and clear of trouble." When it comes to avoiding wrinkles, she says, "Clean your face every day, don’t forget your cream, and if you wear your dentures all the time, the skin around your mouth will remain tight."

Myrtle Mosley Hundt