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As It Was: Killer of game warden also died violent death

Arthur Hubbard was a highly regarded game warden who began his career with the Oregon Fish and Game Department in 1911.

In December 1914, Hubbard and another game warden, Al Irwin, set out by horseback for Trail, Oregon, in the Upper Rogue Valley, to arrest a known game poacher. The poacher, Loris Martin, frequently boasted about his illegal hunting, and threatened to kill any game warden who tried to stop him.

As Hubbard and Irwin approached Martin’s cabin, Martin came out with an ax and rifle and in an instant shot Hubbard dead. Martin pleaded self defense during his trial, although there was no evidence that Hubbard had ever pulled out his gun. In a verdict that angered many, Martin was acquitted.

Seventeen years later, Martin was found murdered in the woods. His prized weapon, the one that shot the game warden, was missing. The weapon turned up two weeks later, having been used by a close friend of Martin to kill himself.

Source: Hegne, Barbara. “The Game Warden and The Poacher.” Table Rock Sentinel. Vol. 7 No. 11 Nov. 1987. As It Was is a co-production of Jefferson Public Radio and the Southern Oregon Historical Society. As It Was stories are broadcast weekdays on Jefferson Public Radio and are available online at asitwas.org.

From left to right: Fred Nelson, game warden Arthur Hubbard and another musician. Southern Oregon Historical Society photo, image 6358