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Don't mask your feelings, just your face

You know, once in a while I must heave a deep sigh with a question mark at the end and put my coping skills into song. This week has been one of escalating flapdoodles at every turn.

Driving home from Jacksonville through a true blue, cool and gorgeous yesterday, Al Stewart began to sing his story-song called “Time Passages.”

I had the memorable opportunity to hear Stewart in person at Britt several years ago, and with 2021 gearing up to be a fabulous revival of joy and song there, I thought to write a present day version sung to the same tune. Consider yourselves properly forewarned of the inanity. I hope you will join me in carefree and melodious abandon, with or without (if you’re alone) your mask. Should you be unfamiliar with Stewart’s work and yearn like everything to sing out, you may find his 1978 top 10 hit here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCJkbrQF88A. Musician friends, feel free to perform at will.

“Face Coverings”

It was late in the summer, the sky shown bright blue

All round folks were avoiding you.

Nighttime would find us curled up by the tube

I felt the thrum of my head start throbbing in my

Face covering.

Buy me a fresh one on your way back home tonight.

Well I’m not the kind to live in a mask

The straps are too long and not made to last.

The masks from last April are tattered and worn

Time to replace it and feel reborn,

Face coverings.

An ear strap fell off that you left behind

Oh, face coverings.

Buy me a cat mask on your way back home tonight.

Hear your name called and feel yourself starting to look

Don’t know why you suspect that they think you’re a crook

It’s just a mask that you wear.

Well the public is changing, you’re part of the crowd

They laugh at you because your pattern’s loud.

A girl comes toward you, a girl you once knew

You reach out your hand but she turns on you and your

Face covering.

She knows you’re in there you just look a fright in that

Face covering.

Buy me a camo on your way back home tonight.

I don’t need to remind anyone this is tongue in cheek, do I? Of course, you’d never know, I could be sticking my tongue out if I’m sporting my sassy blue floral or the black, dressy number. I plan to start with the silly faces behind my mask at people passing by and see how much pent frustration I can unload.

I do not understand the brouhaha associated with masks. Is it because the dissenters claimed victory over required naps and they’re moving on to more serious issues? We haven’t been challenged to work together as a society for some time. Apparently, we need the practice.

Anyway, I’m beginning to accept masks as the new trend for capturing that youthful glow. Who needs Botox if you can purchase a face covering with say, Jennifer Garner’s lips, or Rihanna’s face imprinted. I’m not saying these are available. Of course, I would need a matching jumpsuit or sandwich board. I mean, why go to all the trouble of creams and potions and tattoos when you can snap a covering over your face and make a 75% improvement right there. Snap! There go the sags, bags and wrinkles. Before long we may petition the governor to permanently mandate facemasks for everyone over 50. Kidding!

Just think, you could become your favorite animal and get away with it, like a duck for instance. These really are a thing, and I dare you to Google duck mask. Oh yeah, full helmet duck coverage available. Believe me, there’s a mask out there for every conceivable style and personality type. Let’s celebrate Halloween in July. Yes, there is a Predator facemask. Let’s show brotherly and sisterly love, take care of one another, and have a little fun until this opportunity for thoughtfulness ends.

Peggy Dover is a freelance writer seeking a Sandra Bullock mask. Reach her at pcdover@hotmail.com.