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It’s summer and fun beckons! It’s time to leap off that couch and take back your summer!

With a Family Fun Pass, you’ll find tons of fun (and safe) things to do in our beautiful Rogue Valley as we up our creative game for ourselves -- and especially the kids -- who are off-school during these warm summer months.

A Family Fun Pass opens the door to 15 wickedly fun adventures, such as an hour of axe-throwing, rafting or jet-boating the Rogue, go-karting, rock-climbing (safely in a gym), baseball camp, haunted house -- mostly stuff you might never think of doing.

Oh, and to show you how wildly exotic this pass is, it includeswait for itGLASS BLOWING! Now how often have you thought you’d like to try THAT? Admit it, probably never. But what a fun story to tell friends and family – and just imagine treasuring a glass memento created by your children.

These exotic explorations will provide scads of fun memories and great pics for your Instagram and Facebook!

If you went out and bought them on your own, they would cost you almost $1,400, but with a Family Fun Pass from the Mail Tribune, you get all of these special deals for an astounding $79. Just click it online at MailTribune.com/solocaldeals. The pass will be mailed to you.

The glass-blowing is at the Glass Forge in Grants Pass and could be easily combined with a pass to Lone Mountain RV Resort and TeePee (or rustic cabin) Campground in O’Brien – where you buy one night and get up to two free, during weekdays.

The next day, how about a sightseeing river cruise with Rogue Jet Boat Adventures out of Central Point? It’s BOGO (Buy One, Get One free) or you can buy two and get two free (no Saturdays) – and it’s guaranteed to be a bit breathtaking, with no spills in the drink.

Speaking of water fun, drive up to Lost Creek Lake Marina, wave your pass and score four hours on pontoon or patio boats. Great for the kids! Think of the yum picnic, swimming off your craft and posting videos to envious friends.

It’s almost certain you haven’t thought of hanging out with lions and tigers lately, but why not? Zip up the freeway and get some jaw-dropping photos (from your car) at Wildlife Safari in Winston. It’s good for four people and is an $88 value, more than the pricetag on the entire Family Fun Pass.

On the way, you can check out more native creatures at Wildlife Images Rehab & Education Center in Grants Pass, also good for 4, a $56 value. Kids love this and it packs lots of education they don’t get in our shuttered schools.

Got some steam to blow off? (And who doesn’t these days?) Pop into Cascadia Axe Company and throw axes for an hour. Who hasn’t wanted to master this lost art? This is nearby on Crater Lake Highway – and you get to take a friend free!

Wait, we’re not done with blowing off steam. Surely, you’ve longed to “wreck the place” at some point in your life. Well, go ahead, at Crunch Time Wreck Room. Wow! You get to smash up all kinds of stuff and they clean up after you!

More extreme emotions may be vented at the Nightmare Chamber, a haunted house in downtown Medford. It happens in October, but not on Halloween.

The pass gets you bowling at Lava Lanes for a family of four, Medford Rogues summer baseball camp (half off), karting for a family of 4, an Escape Room experience at Crunch Time and two days climbing at Rogue Rock Gym – all in Medford.

Check out each of these fun destinations by just searching on Google, then buckle up for fun! They’re all pledged to basic rules of COVID safety.

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