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Mother of two struggling after moving to Medford

Mother of 14-year-old and 14-month-old daughters, this woman struggles financially since relocating from Curry County to Medford. Clothing, a few gifts and funds for fuel would energize her efforts to hold her family together.

A graduate of OnTrack’s HOME Program, the 42-year-old woman also has completed Family Nurturing Center’s Navigator Program and maintains a positive attitude about challenges still ahead. This single mother’s car is on the cusp of breaking down, and she’s hard-pressed to pay for gas to drive to and from her job, as well as her daughter’s day care.

Working for minimum wage as a hotel housekeeper, this mother rents an apartment for $575 and pays sizeable fees for child care, says FNC’s Colette Pare-Miller. Her toddler receives respite care once per week at FNC, where staff say she always is happy and smiling.

This mother hopes to reunite with her older daughter this summer. The woman frequently voices her gratitude for social services available to struggling families in Southern Oregon, says Pare-Miller. Strengthening families so children can live safely and develop fully in their parents’ care is FNC’s mission.

The younger daughter’s care would benefit from a baby gate. The toddler also needs a blanket and warm, 12-month-size clothing. She loves music, trucks and colorful playthings.

The older girl could use size-14 pants, medium-size shirts and shoes in size 7 1/2. Her mother wears pants in size 8-10, shirts in size medium to large and size-7 shoes. She enjoys making art and would appreciate a dresser.

To help, call Amy at 541-613-5019.

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