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Gift cards could help girls overcoming sex abuse

Artistic and musical expression, physical fitness and group outings can help teen clients of Redemption Ridge reclaim their sense of self since suffering sexual exploitation.

Five girls, ages 15 to 18, live at the Medford treatment center for teens who have been sexually abused or exploited, as well as those at risk of involvement in commercial sex trafficking. Fostering life skills, friendship and hope, the haven can house up to seven residents as young as 11.

Therapy at Redemption Ridge incorporates music, drama, art and body movement, says Clinical Director Maha Snell. Clients often experience fear, shame, anger, anxiety, aggression, depression, memory loss, post-traumatic stress disorder, Stockholm syndrome and emotional and psychological trauma from engaging in unwanted sex, says Snell. Physical effects, she says, can include traumatic injury from being beaten and sexually transmitted disease and infection.

Shedding light on the impacts this type of abuse and neglect can have on every aspect of clients’ existence is among the goals at Redemption Ridge, which encourages clients toward empathy, respect and positive human connection.

Clients connect during recreational and educational activities, for which gift certificates would be much appreciated, along with gas cards for transporting the girls on a coastal getaway. Donations of soccer balls and basketballs, individual MP3 players, art and craft supplies and gift cards to craft stores support Redemption Ridge’s programs.

In addition, gift cards for CPR classes would inspire the center’s oldest client, who dreams of becoming a personal trainer after completing her high school education and taking an online course in personal training.

To help, call Snell at 541-816-4415 or email maha@redemptionridge.org.

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