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Backlog of bills overwhelms Medford family

This mother of three lost much of her family’s support when her daughters disclosed that an uncle had sexually abused them. Then the 30-year-old woman lost her job after contracting the coronavirus and being quarantined.

Moving — first to be farther away from the abuser, then to find more affordable housing in Medford — also contributes to the backlog of bills overwhelming this family.

Sharing a manufactured home with her parents, this mother hopes to add a room to the structure for her 11-year-old son. Gift cards for Lowe’s or other home-improvement stores would help them to purchase building materials.

Because their residence lacks a heating system, the family badly needs compact space heaters and blankets. Dishes and glasses are in short supply, and mealtimes would get a boost with gift cards for groceries.

Purchasing laptops for her kids’ online schooling has stretched this mother’s budget even tighter. Just one of the computers, however, is newer and functions well, causing the kids to squabble over its use. The family would appreciate another laptop or tablet. In their free time, the kids love arts and crafts and would be thrilled with an electric scooter to share.

The kids all need clothing. The oldest girl, 14, wears junior’s clothing size 11/13 and women’s shoe size 9 or 9.5. Her sister, 9, wears girls’ clothing size 14/16 and women’s shoe size 5.

Their brother wears boys’ clothing size 16 and men’s shoe size 7.

The family receives services at Children’s Advocacy Center, which provides forensic interviews, medical evaluations, therapy and advocacy for child victims of abuse and neglect, or witnesses of violent crime. To help, call Lacey Elliot at 541-734-5437, ext. 1020, or email lelliott@cacjc.org.