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Mom and five kids are building a new life

Editor’s note: Light One Candle is an annual series sponsored by the Mail Tribune that focuses on an individual, group or agency who could use a helping hand during the holiday season. Once that need is filled, donations may be distributed to others in need.

Staying for months with friends, this Medford family of six seeks a place to call home after the mother separated from her husband.

While affordable housing tops their list of holiday wishes, this tight-knit family would benefit from playful activities, as well as clothing.

The five children all are artistic and would love painting and drawing supplies.

Since removing her kids from an abusive home environment about a year ago, the 35-year-old mother has rejoined the workforce and is employed nearly full time. She lost her rental housing during an ownership change this year.

The mother would appreciate an extra cellphone to leave with her children in case of emergencies. She uses the family’s only phone while at work.

Time together playing laser tag or paintball, doing archery or go-karting is the 15-year-old daughter’s desire. The teen needs warm socks, beanie hats and hooded sweatshirts. She wears women’s size 2 pants, small shirts and 8.5 shoes. She would adore a Hot Topic gift card.

Three of the kids — 16- and 11-year-old boys and their 13-year-old sister — delight in Pokemon cards. The girl wants a Ben 10 watch. Their oldest brother, 17, dreams of a laptop for gaming and conducting job searches.

The older boys’ clothing sizes are men’s pants 36x34 and 30x34, extra-large and medium shirts, and 13 and 9.5 shoes. The younger daughter wears girls’ size 16 pants and extra-large shirts, as well as women’s shoe size 7.5. She wants a onesie. The youngest son wears boys’ size 12 pants and shirts.

To help, call CASA of Jackson County at 541-734-2272, or email casa@jacksoncountycasa.org.

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