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Mail Tribune 100

Aug. 10, 1914

ROSEBURG, Ore., Aug. 10 — Claiming that they had been robbed of their trousers and about $20 while sojourning in Eugene, School Supervisors A.R. Chase and A.F. Alder of Medford arrived here Friday evening.

The young men stated that while sleeping in a Eugene hotel an unknown man entered their apartments and appropriated their trousers. In the pockets of the garments was about $20, which was taken by the thief. Alder's trousers were later found in the hall of the Eugene hotelry. The trousers owned by Chase could not be found, and he was obliged to borrow a pair of overalls, which he wore upon his arrival. The young men left Medford some time ago, and upon completing their summer course at the Monmouth Normal School, went to Eugene to spend a few days. It was while there that they were robbed.

They are traveling on their motorcycles and left for Southern Oregon this morning.

(From the Roseburg Review)

Benj. C. Sheldon, president of the Medford Commercial Club, was among the Shriners visiting here today. Incidentally, Mr. Sheldon is working in the interest of rehabilitation of the State Normal School at Ashland (Note: the predecessor to Southern Oregon University was closed in 1909, and reopened in 1926). This matter has been referred to the voters of the state at the coming election in November. Ashland had a normal school for 14 years, but it lapsed five years ago, when the Legislature refused to make appropriations for any of the normal schools. Since then, the normal school at Monmouth has been re-established. For the maintenance of the Ashland Normal School, the annual tax will amount to one-fortieth of a mill, which would produce about $23,000 on the present assessed valuation. That would be but 10 cents a year on property assessed at $4,000. An organized effort is to be made by seven Southern Oregon counties for the re-establishment of this school. The great need for trained teachers is shown by the fact that 80 percent of the applicants for teachers' certificates in the state have only completed the eighth grade in public schools.