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Mail Tribune 100

Aug. 11, 1914

Frank Lawnsberg, age 19 years, is held in the city jail awaiting return to Roseburg, where he is wanted upon a charge of plying a 15-year-old girl with beer until she was in an intoxicated condition. Others are said to be implicated in the affair. Roseburg is a dry town, in name and according to law, but Sutherlin, a sort distance away, is not, and roisterers procure all the intoxicants they want, pack it to Roseburg and proceed to hold orgies.

Lawnsberg was captured by Sheriff Singler, who waited for him in the railroad yards all Monday night. All he had in his possession when arrested was a pack of cigarette papers and a tin teaspoon.

The city is contemplating the purchase of a cash register of the type used by naval paymasters on battleships, for use in the city recorder's office, and the question will be discussed at the next meeting of the City Council, a majority of whom are said to be in favor of its introduction, for joint use between the treasurer's, water department and recorder's offices. The cash register belongs to Bill Ulrich, originally cost $350, and is offered to the city for $150.

The machine was installed in the recorder's office upon probation, but cannot be used because the most important key to its manipulation has been lost. Until a key is secured from the National Cash Register company, it is only an impressive ornament.

Auditor's reports for two or three years have recommended the purchase of a cash register to systematize the work of the city offices.

Latest News of the War

In and around Liege the situation was unchanged today. The Germans held the town itself, but the forts were still fighting strongly. The German main army in the north was reported entrenching itself on the Ourthe, while two large divisions of cavalry had got to Tongres, north of Liege. It was expected that a general advance was in preparation, and a battle imminent in which the Germans would be confronted by the allied Belgians, French and British.

The French at Muelhausen, Alsace, met with opposition after their occupation of that city. A superior force of Germans caused them to leave the place and take position outside where an action was fought, details of which have not been made public. French reports are indefinite, but gave the impression of a French success.

Many German spies were arrested today in Belgium, and a secret wireless apparatus was discovered in a German store in Brussels.