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Mail Tribune 100

(From the Corvallis Gazette)

"Medford and the Rogue River Valley look mighty good to me, and from the fact that I didn't find anybody there making any kick, I'm inclined to think those people appreciate what they have as much as I did. I really made an effort to find someone with a grouch, but though I tackled several hard looking antediluvians with matted whiskers and tobacco juice on their vests, sitting around in the parks or lolling against lamp posts, I failed to find a single man who was not a booster. They are all boosters down there, and for this alone my trip was worth ten times its cost. It's worth a man's lifetime to get into a bunch where all are pulling together and doing things."

This is the expression of Mayor W.K. Taylor, just returned from a stay of three or four days in the Rogue River Valley, where he went to attend the Good Roads Congress that has just ended. This was Mayor Taylor's first trip to Medford, and he was charmed, as is everybody who isn't afflicted with incurable dyspepsia.

Wonderful Section

"From reports, I had expected to find Medford dead enough to smell bad," said Mayor Taylor, "but I talked with many business men, and I found no one who felt that Medford was suffering more than the slump that is general. In fact, different ones said to me that their business the past few days had been better than for some time, and they had no fear for the future. I saw that practically the entire city was paved, and I asked several if they were not going it rather strong. They thought not, and said the entire county ought to be paved. The truth is, they are doing that, and I am as confident as they are that their paved highway, connecting with the highway through California, will prove the greatest investment they ever made. They are bonded for $500,000 for that highway, and ten men with $50,000 each, located in any one year, will return that money to the county. Such a roadway, such spirit and such a valley will attract men of that caliber and that capital when it is possible for them to get to it easily.