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Mail Tribune 100

Aug. 14, 1914

Feud lands boys in hot water

Harvey Hanner, Pete Burkmaster, George Pearle and Roy Wendt, four Imperial Addition youths, were haled before Prosecuting Attorney Kelly by Probation Officer Gay on complaint of City Attorney McCabe Friday, who accused them of disturbing the peace of the neighborhood. The boys have been in the habit of gathering near the McCabe residence and making all the noise possible to annoy him as the result of a neighboring feud of three years standing.

The fathers of two of the youths appeared in defense of the boys, thus lending color to McCabe's charges that the boys were encouraged by their parents to disturb him. Bitter personalities were resorted to by J.W. Hanner, father of one of the boys.

The boys promised to be good hereafter.

"Safety-First" exhibit

The Southern Pacific company has installed its "Safety-First" exhibit in the waiting room of the passenger depot, and the first exhibition will be given this evening during the hours of 7 to 9:30. Admission is free, and the exhibit will be on display daily of August 15, 16 and 17.

The exhibition here was especially arranged for by J.M. Scott, general passenger agent of that company and is one of a series to be made upon the Pacific Coast. The exhibit has already been shown in the largest cities and universities of California and is a counterpart of the one shown in New York last year.



America Will Be Called on to Clothe and Feed the World, War Prices are Not Far Distant

Already some things have begun to look queer. The big cotton mills of the south find they are very short of fast color dyes. Many of the hosiery mills will have to close in 30 to 60 days for want of "Dyes" which are made in Europe. The vamp stock put in some of our finest high top shoes is made in Germany and imported in large quantities. Trust the Yankee for substitutes, he'll "get there" all right. America's prosperity will be great on account of the misfortune of Europe, and business will boom here as never before.

Men's Suits $9.90. Regular $15.00 values in Gray, Brown and Dark Cashmeres and Worsteds.

Our new big stock of Men's Shoes have arrived in the most popular lasts and leathers. Priced as we have always sold them at $3.50, $4.00, $4.50 and $5.00. These are winners, shaped right, made right, quality right.

Men's Dress Shirts 73 Cents. We are looking for the men who wear sizes 16-1/2 and 17 shirts. Many bargains await them in shirts here.

The Wardrobe