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Mail Tribune 100

Aug. 16, 1914

GRANTS PASS — Charles T. Hass, of the Hass Detective Agency of New York and Chicago, yesterday placed under arrest Oslin N. Jackson, who since last spring has resided upon a farm purchased about eight miles from this city, the farm having formerly been known as the Joe McCasslin place. Jackson is wanted in New York City upon three indictments charging grand larceny, and amount involved is $85,000. The arrested man was brought to this city and lodged in the county jail.

Jackson left New York on Jan. 1, 1913, and on Jan. 13 following three indictments were returned charging grand larceny. Since that time Mr. Hass maintains that he has followed the man over much of the continent of America trailing him through the Argentine republic on the south and to Edmonton, Canada, on the north, finally locating him in the Rogue River valley. The detective also claims that Jackson left a wife and children in New York, and that he has an "affinity" with him at the present time.

The arrest comes as a result of the operations of the Jackson Brothers Realty company, which was incorporated for $50,000, and which had offices in the New York Times building. One of the brothers, Edgar R. Jackson, was indicted upon five counts, and was given a sentence to Sing Sing. The operations of the firm are said to have involved more than a million dollars. Four people lost their fortunes through the firm and committed suicide, and not less than 230 were swindled.

The picking and packing of Howells will begin next week. The Rogue River Fruit and Produce association shipped the first car east Friday. The Bartlett crop will be all picked and packed by tonight. It was about half a crop owing to the extreme dry weather. Orchards with irrigation or in the path of heavy seepage had good crops. The Howell crop will be small, but of excellent size and texture.

The outlook for the Comice is good and will be the biggest crop for the pears. There are few Anjous.

No estimates have been made on the apple crop. A heavy rain in the next two weeks will ensure a heavy crop, and continued drought would mean a decrease.