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Mail Tribune 100

Aug. 22, 1914

Mrs. Watson is having a lot of fun on her farm in Evans Valley, all right, says the Rogue River Argus. A short time ago, a couple of rattlesnakes were killed at the house, and at 1 a.m. Saturday morning she heard a big fuss at her spring. Thinking it a couple of jackrabbits, Mrs. Watson got a .22 rifle, and judge her surprise, on nearing the spring, to see a fine big buck drop over the fence as light as a feather. But, then the fun began. No sooner had the deer struck ground than the Watson cow took after it, and the chase was on. Across the pasture to the Earhart fence, and the deer jumped with ease.

"Out of the frying pan into the fire," instead of one cow after it, there were four of them. Mr. Earhart's cows took up the chase and the last Mrs. Watson saw the deer she was making good time with the four cows a close second.

The city council rejected with the barest formality the proposal of Water Superintendent Tranna to spend $22.50 for an analytical test of the city water supply at a special session of the council last night, and is seriously considering buying a cash register from Bill Ulrich for $150. The cash register would make the work easier for the recorder's and treasurer's offices, and the water test concerns every man, woman and child. It has been the custom for years to test the water as a health precaution. Colonel Sargent swung the ax of economy that killed the proposal.

Foreign matter is gathering in the reservoir and pipes, and Charles Gay reports an incident of where a six-inch trout, dead, was found in the water.

The council also considered without any action the suit of the California-Oregon Power company. Legal action was not anticipated, and a quick and costly court procedure was a surprise after months of dalliance.