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Mail Tribune 100

Aug. 26, 1914

C.F. Bates, Harry Pellett, Frank Jordan, E.N. Butler and F.G. McWilliams made a trip to the new Siskiyou Highway Friday, says the Ashland Tidings. They are very enthusiastic over the work, describing it as a "regular boulevard." Today about four miles of completed grading was opened for general travel. The party who visited the work Friday reported that which was finished to be very smooth, and one of the finest, easiest grades they had ever seen. An auto can very near go over the Siskiyous on high when the road is completed, instead of crawling, pushing and boiling up the hill as before.

This winter, after Oct. 15, travel will be open for the whole road for that time Contractor Sweeney hopes to have the work complete. During the rainy months, until next spring, no hard surface will be put on. This is to allow the roadbed and fills to settle to their limit before hard surfacing.

August 31 is the last date to pay taxes, and escape delinquency charges. No penalties will be charged those who pay up on that date their second half of the taxes.

Owing to a general misinterpretation of the recently enacted tax law, in reference to the collections of interest on last half payments, and as to the date interest should be computed from in paying taxes after delinquency, the state tax commission has in making a literal compliance of the several sections in conflict, decided upon the following instructions, which will govern the collections of taxes in the sheriff's office after September 1st.

All taxes remaining unpaid on the first day of September shall become delinquent.

Upon all taxes so delinquent there shall be charged and collected a penalty of 10 percent, and interest at the rate of 12 percent per annum on such taxes from the date on which they become delinquent until their payment.

This penalty applies to taxes as originally charged, and is not in addition to the cumulative penalty of 1 percent a month applying during the five months prior to September 1st, the date of delinquency. The 10 percent for delinquency supersedes and takes the place of all prior penalties.

Four months after delinquency, (or January 1st, 1915) first publication of delinquent tax list will appear, and will continue for four successive weeks.

Six months after delinquency, certificates of delinquency bearing 15 percent interest per annum may issue.