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Mail Tribune 100

Aug. 29, 1914

Resume of War News, As Passed by Censor

What little definite war news escaped the censors today reflected chiefly the situation in East Prussia, where the operations are assuming daily a greater importance.

These reports are conflicting. At Berlin it is officially announced that five Russian army corps were defeated.

Newspaper dispatches from St. Petersburg, on the other hand, declare that Allenstein has been occupied by the Russians, who are investing Koenigsberg. From the same source comes the statement that Russians are drawing a net around Lemberg, the capital of Galicia.

Field Marshal Lord Roberts declared today that Great Britain would save hundreds of thousands of men for the present conflict.

Berlin has received a report of the defeat of the British at St. Quentin, France. If this is true, it places the Germans 23 miles south of Cambrai, the scene of the recent German success. A dispatch from Paris says that train service between Paris and Bologne has been suspended.

According to a report from Copenhagen, Germany is rushing troops from her west front to reinforce her army and that of Austria in the east.

The British foreign offices announce that East Prussia is being rapidly overrun by the Russians. The French embassy in Washington states that its advices show the Russians to be within 20 miles of Lemberg.

The German ambassador at Washington denied today stories of German cruelty and declared that Zeppelin airships had attacked nothing but fortifications.

An explosion that shot burning gasoline over the interior of A.B. Saling's residence, at South Tripp Street, started a fire Saturday morning that destroyed a garage belonnging to Frank C. Willeke, at 18 and 20 South Tripp.

The cause of the explosion is not known. It is thought that a can of gasoline exploded. The fire spread quickly to the adjoining house and garage. The loss is about $2,000.

Some time was lost in a misunderstanding at the fire station as to the location of the fire. When the fireman at the telephone shouted South Tripp Street to the chief and the truck driver, they thought he said South Grape Street. The truck was driven several blocks out of the way before the error was discovered.

The volunteers were called out and made a quick run.

One feature of the fire was the huge crowd that attended. For many blocks along Main Street autos were lined up and hundreds of those waiting to see the circus parade rushed to the fire.