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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 3, 1914

Persistent rumors have reached the office of the Rogue River Fruit and Produce association to the effect that fruit stored in its cold storage warehouse this season has reached the eastern markets in badly overripe condition. These rumors are absolutely without foundation in fact. The association has stored no fruit except that of its own shippers and has had no reports of cars arriving badly overripe. The plant is in splendid condition and is being operated at a minimum of expense with a maximum of efficiency. The management will be pleased to show the warehouse at any reasonable time to anyone who is interested to know the exact conditions.

Agitation in the city council against City Attorney McCabe that has lain dormant was launched last night by Colonel Sargent, who objected to the city attorney assuming charge of the city's interests in the suit of the California-Oregon Power Company. It was City Attorney McCabe who advised a compromise last winter, Colonel Sargent refusing, until he "received a letter" that never came as far as anyone else knows.

It was explained to the council that any action taken by the city would be illegal unless acquiesced in by the city attorney. McCabe also threatened to resign. Later he introduced a resolution making legal the hiring of attorneys Gus Newbury and H.D. Norton, Grants Pass, outside legal talent being sought to safeguard the city in a suit brought after the power company had exhausted every effort for a compromise and its corporation's patience.

The city council last night complied with Fire Chief Lawton's request for the hiring of an extra fireman for the enforcement of the city ordinance regulating the use of water during a fire without quibbling about economy. Chief Lawton said he could not enforce the law without more help. Henceforth the laws covering fires and storage of explosives and hay will be rightly enforced.

Fred H. Cowles' call for a mass meeting to consider fire conditions brought out little interest and no women.

Mesdames W.I. Vawter, E.B. Pickel and F.W. Hollis were reappointed to the public library board. W.H. Gore and Bert Anderson were named as the city's representatives at the meeting of the board of equalization at Jacksonville to fix the annual tax levy.

Sergeant Pat Mego was named chief of police while Chief Hittson is away on vacation.

B.S. Radcliffe and W.M. Kennedy were granted liquor licenses for six months' period.