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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 5, 1914

Summary of Latest War News: Conflicting news dispatches and vague official statements leave the fortunes of the immense armies struggling before Paris today a matter of conjecture.

All accounts agreed, however, that the moment is approaching swiftly when the French capital must have resort ed to its own defenses. Despite occasional temporary successes of the allies, their line appears to be slowly giving ground before the German advance. The Germans, in a semi-circle, seem to have reached points east and west of Paris, that their left wing is touching Lafere Sous Jouarre in the department of Seine et Marne.

The exact position of the German right wing is not revealed, but so far as known it has not succeeded in getting around the allies' left, formed by British troops.

A Rome dispatch says that five German army corps have arrived at the Vistula River to support the defense against the Russian invaders of East Prussia. The Russian general staff claims that its victorious army in Galicia is sweeping the Austrians before it.

Further fighting is reported at Termonde, sixteen miles east of Ghent, suggesting that the Belgian forces from Antwerp have again entered the fray.

There is no additional news regarding the Russians as having been landed at Ostend from British transports.

Advertisement: Mrs. B.E. Haney wishes to announce to her friends and patrons and the public that she will open a new dressmaking establishment in Medford on Thursday, September 10th.

Mrs. Haney is an experienced dressmaker, having been engaged in this work in the valley for the past twenty-five years. She has recently spent some time in San Francisco studying the latest methods and styles, and making other preparations for her new establishment, which will be complete in every particular.

In addition to the regular line of work, she will also be provided with hemstitching and pleating machines, and solicits this line of work as a specialty.

Orders will be taken for figure models, to enable those who wish to do so to do their own dressmaking. With the aid of one of these models, which are melded so as to exactly reproduce the figure, a perfect fit can be obtained by anyone.

Quarters have been secured in the rear of Moe & Company's new store, at No. 125 East Main Street, where Mrs. Haney will be pleased to greet all of her old patrons. All engagements previously made for fall work will be carried out as promised, and the new enterprise will not be allowed in any way whatever to interfere with the satisfactory execution of such orders.