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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 9, 1914

The Jackson County Fair formally opened this morning, with prospects for the largest and best exhibits in hits history. Up to noon today over 500 entries had been listed, and this afternoon is expected to see an excess of this amount. The women and children's department, under the direction of the ladies of the Greater Medford club, a mining display in charge of Harry Callghan, and farm, fruit and grain displays make up the exhibit building. The poultry department is in charge of R.H. Paxton.

The race program will begin tomorrow, including trot, pace and dash events. It is also Ashland day, and a large attendance is expected from that city. The race program this year is larger, and with faster horses than last year. The annual difficulty of getting one or two horsemen to enter their sleds without the granting of special favors is being experienced.

The fare to the grounds from the city has been reduced to 10 cents. As the 25-cent rate has always been a thorn for many, especially visitors, its removal will yield fruit, though no balm of Gilead to auto owners.

Friday (Sept. 13) will be Medford day. The business houses and schools will close upon that day and a record attendance is urged.

After threatening weather for two days, the sky cleared this morning, and ideal conditions are predicted for the remainder of the week.

Wilbur Godlove, president of Oak Grove Industrial Club, is 11 years old. He has a pig exhibited at the county fair with the following record:

Age 8 months and 3 days old; a purebred Poland China.

On March 16, the pig weighed 44 pounds; on September 6, the pig weighed 285 pounds. In three months and three weeks, it gained 241 pounds.

Record of Feeding

Total gain, 241 pounds.

Days fed, 174.

Average gain per day, 1.385 pounds.

Days fed, 174.

Average per day, $0.0572



139 lbs. barley


114.5 lbs. wheat


16.0 lbs. tankage


160.0 lbs. shorts 


176.0 lbs. corn


Total cost


Tommy Caster, a 10-year-old boy of North Phoenix, district 24, has a pig exhibited which is six and one-half months old and on September 1 it weighed 176 pounds. At the age of two months, it weighed only 22½ pounds. Total gain in four and one-half months, 154 pounds; average gain per day, 1.16 pounds.