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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 10, 1914

The good citizens are urged to attend the county fair, that the association may not be in the financial hole when the books are balanced this year. Last year the fair was $400 shy, and the officials are desirous of breaking even without strenuous efforts. Home folks attending with the same regularity as visitors will do much toward overcoming this.

This is Ashland day at the fair, and a good attendance from the Granite City is due, though somewhat short of the delegation this city sent to the Chautauqua last summer. The racing begins this afternoon, and the best bill of the week, with two trotting and two racing events, has been prepared. The Phoenix band will furnish music and Rozalez will furnish the feature attraction.

Tomorrow is Medford day at the fair. All the stores will close at 1 o'clock, also the schools. All school children under 10 years will be admitted for 10 cents. A record-breaking attendance is expected.

The work of judging the exhibits will begin this afternoon. Over 700 entries have been made, which will bring the work of the judges well into next week.

The second annual Phoenix industrial fair was held Saturday in the basement of the high school, under the auspices of the local Parent-Teachers' association. There were over 400 entries in agriculture, manual training, domestic art and science, floral. drawing, poultry and educational departments.

Mr. Harrington, state field agent, was impressed with the quality of the exhibit, which he considered a great improvement over that of last year, and augurs well for the industry of the school children in this locality. The work of the Stevens children was of special merit. Fern Valley and North Phoenix were well represented by collective rural school exhibits and Phoenix showed some very fine school work.

Mr. Briscoe was the principal speaker of the day and told in his usual forceful and eloquent style of the benefits of union consolidated schools. Mr. Peterson and Mr. Harrington explained how to exhibit at the county and state fairs. The judges and speakers were entertained at a luncheon in the school library and complimented the ladies upon their skill in cooking.