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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 18, 1914

Did you know that you could rent, at a nominal fee per annum, half an acre of ground within the national forest for a summer home and live there indefinitely?

According to the national forest manual, "The fullest use of the national forest lands and resources is desired and encouraged." Few people realize what this means. So much has been said of the commercial side of the national forest resources, of their worth to the nation as a business proposition, that little heed has been given to their value as a people's playground. Where can one find a more delightful recreation spot than in the beautiful forest?

Enjoy Sylvan Scenes

Many a "sylvan scene" within the national forest boundary may be permanently enjoyed almost for the asking. Go into the forest and pick out your camping site along some stream or by the side of some lake or in the high mountains; then apply to the nearest supervisor for a permit to use half an acre or so of land on which to establish your camp. If your choice of a site does not interfere with other forest uses or users, he will grant it to you upon the payment of the annual rental, which rental runs from $5 to $25, according to the location and the size of the camp site. Your permit is good indefinitely, the only requirement being that you comply with forest service regulations, chiefly in regard to sanitation and fire prevention.

Some few people have become wise to the possibilities of national forest camp sites and are already enjoying their summer homes. An example of this kind of special use is to be found in township 3 south, range 7 east, on the Oregon national forest at the junction of Still Creek and Zigzag River, where there is quite a summer colony. Several people applied to the supervisor for rentals, and as a result a tract of land along these two streams was surveyed and laid out in lots, 31 in all. They vary in size from 66x125 feet to 84x99 feet.