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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 20, 1914

Negotiations were completed today by Dr. F.C. Page, whereby A.H. McDonald of Portland will assume the management of the Page Theater Sunday, September 27. Vaudeville secured from either the Pantages or the Empress circuit will be presented with changes four times a week. These offerings will consist of the best single acts obtainable from these circuits. This will be welcome news to the vaudeville-hungry theatergoers.

A force of men will be put at work the first of the week installing an indirect lighting system in the theater. By this method the theater will be lighted as bright as day at all times, not affecting the screen.

The prices of admission will be 15 cents for all seats downstairs, and a dime for the balcony. Five reels of pictures, besides the vaudeville act, will be given, the films including multiple reels of two or more parts, and licensed pictures. The first bill will probably include "A Million Bid," touted as one of the greatest of photoplays. There will be no change in the orchestra.

Mr. McDonald is the owner of theaters in Eugene and Portland, and the Medford house will be operated in conjunction of these interests.

That Jackson County is securing the finest paved highway on the coast is the opinion of Dr. E.H. Porter, who has returned with his family from an 1,800-mile automobile trip through the Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe and other California points of interest.

"We traveled over 1,000 miles of cement highway in California," states the doctor. "This road is considerably rougher and a foot narrower than the ihighway being constructed in Jackson County. Furthermore, it is not as well constructed. I found that the proportion of cement used in the foundation was one to ten, as one to seven here, and in the top surfaces one to three, as against one to two here.

"I am fully convinced that Jackson County is building the finest cement highway on the coast, and second to none anywhere."

Advertisement: Miss Venita Hamilton desires to announce that she has opened a piano studio at 616 North Central Avenue, and is prepared to teach pupils from the first rudiments to the highest perfection. Phone 159.