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Mail Tribune 100

Sept. 30, 1914

The best of the relics in the Ed Helms collection, now in the pioneer bar at Jacksonville, will be sent to the 1915 fair, as a feature of the southern Oregon exhibit according to plans under way. Among the collection is a bow and arrow said to have been used by Captain Jack of the Modocs in his early day raids, and a piece of the rope with which the first lynching in this section was negotiated. Many other interesting curios comprise the collection, including a dozen or so freak growths of wood. A mastodon tusk found on the Applegate years ago is another relic. Steps will be taken to interest the proper authorities in the proposed display.

Tom Frekas, star witness in the Mike Spanos (murder) trial, lent a team of horses to an Italian friend, and now alleges he is shy both friend and team. Frekas asserts his friend took the horses to Eugene on the pretext of having grading work to do, and there he sold his property for $50 and kept the money. The local and Lane County authorities are investigating the case.

PORTLAND, Ore., Sept. 30 — Wholesale traffic in school girls between the ages of 14 and 16 is charged by the Portland police against an alleged ring operating here. Four arrests were made today. Baseball players, actors and others are involved.

The men arrested today are Elmer Lober, outfielder, and Robert Davis, third baseman of the Portland Coast League team; Bert Roach, leading man of a local stock company, and Joseph Berger, a jewelry store proprieter. Lober and Davis today were arraigned in the municipal court and held to the grand jury under $2,000 bail. The police say they have made a complete confession.

A warrant has been issued for a pitcher on the Mission team. Two players on the San Francisco and one on the Oakland team are named in the investigation. It is said that warrants for the proprietors of two hotels, the alleged headquarters for the ring, will be issued. Four girls are being held as witnesses.

An order was issued by the police this morning to the effect that an Indian found in a saloon would be arrested and subject to the full penalty of the federal law. The order applies to full and fractional breeds of red men.

The first arrest was that of Joe Got, a Klamath Falls aborigne who arrived this morning from the Holland round-up. Joe was highly indignant because no one would sell him liquor, and with every refusal would start an argument. He was put in jail by Officer Cingcade pending further investigation.