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Mail Tribune 100

Oct. 4, 1914

Attorney A.E. Reames, representing O.M. Jackson, has brought suit against Ernest Dennison, who was recently convicted of attempted extortion against Jackson, for $105,000, damages for slander. Seven different counts are enumerated, $15,000 damages for each asked.

The suit is an aftermath of the arrest of Jackson on the charge of being a fugitive from justice, on the claim of having been wanted in New York for failure to satisfy a judgment obtained by Dennison, by default. A conspiracy between Detectives Chas. Hess and Fred Kirkwood and Dennison was disclosed at the trial of the latter when Hess turned state's evidence.

Detective Kirwood, as a result of testimony given, has been arrested by Deputy U.S. Marshall Fuller, charged with tampering with the mails. Hess in his testimony stated that in tracing Jackson, who was living under an assumed name near Grants Pass, Kirkwood had become possessed of a letter from the post office at Harrisonville, Mo., addressed to Mrs. C.O. Duffield (a sister of Mrs. Jackson), at Grants Pass, Ore. Kirkwood gained the confidence of an employee of the post office at the Missouri town, and bribed him to obtain the letter. Postal Inspector Wood was present during the trial, and the arrest of Kirkwood followed.

Kirkwood was taken before United States Comissioner Herbert Smith, where his bonds were placed at $2,000, upon the securing of which he was released to appear before the federal authorities for trial later. Kirkwood left for the south. His bonds were supplied by Dr. and Mrs. J.F. Reddy.

T.B. Cornell and F.D. Elsmann have sold their ranch of 155 acres on Rogue River near the town of Rogue River to a syndicate of eastern people, represented by Judge J.T. Burney of Kansas City and W.B. Sherman of Grants Pass. The sale price of the ranch is $60,000, and immediate possession has been given.

The ranch consists of 155 acres, with 100 acres of six- and eight-year-old orchard now coming into bearing. 

Sixty acres of apples, from which 4,000 boxes will be harvested this fall as the first commercial crop, and 40 acres of pear trees that yielded a crop this season.

Judge Burney will have direction of the property under the new ownership, and has employed F.D. Elsmann to oversee the harvest of the crop now on the trees.