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Mail Tribune 100

Oct. 7, 1914

F.M. Van Alstyne, driver of a pathfinder car mapping out auto routes, was arrested Monday night for reckless driving on the Jacksonville road, in which the machine crashed into a wagon and team belonging to a man named Browning. It is alleged that Van Alstyne crashed into the wagon, hurtling the driver to the ground, causing bruises. One of the wheels of the wagon was torn off. The preliminary of the case will be held in the morning. Van Alstyne's friends say Browning became excited, and turned his team into the wrong side of the road.

The preliminary hearing of Mrs. Fannie McNulty, charged with defrauding the Jackson County bank out of $380 through the medium of a certificate of deposit belonging to Mrs. Sarah Collins, is being held in Justice Taylor's court his afternoon. The principal witness was Mrs. Collins, who testived she showed the certificate to friends, and Mrs. McNulty, with whom she was shopping. The piece of paper that represented all her worldly wealth was kept in the bottom of her trunk. On July 10 the certificate was cashed at the bank. Mrs. Collins testified that the defendant was sick upon this day.

The preliminary hearing will take all afternoon, a dozen or so witnesses being called by both sides. Prosecutor Kelly represents the state and attorney B.F. Mulkey the defense.

James Withycombe, Republican candidate for governor, is due in Medford Wednesday to meet politicians and campaign for votes. He was met at Rogue River by S.S Smith, F.H. Madden and F.W. Hollis and driven to Gold Hill and Central Point. He will spend two days in the valley, holding a reception at the Medford Hotel at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon.

Dr. J.M. Keene and other prominent republicans who will have charge of his campaign will tour the valley with him.

William Hanley, progressive candidate for senator, speaks tonight at Jacksonville and leaves for the north Thursday.

A most successful public reception was tendered William Hanley of Burns, progressive nominee for United States senator, at the Medford Hotel Tuesday evening by the Ladies' Hanley club, and the event signalized the entrance of Jackson County women into the realm of practical politics. Mr. Hanley, a native son of Jackson County, was welcomed home and introduced in a few well-chosen words by Colonel Sargent, and responded in a brief speech stating why a man in sympathy with the development of the state and the utilization of its resources should be sent to Washington. His address was well received, after which many old friends seized the opportunity to shake hands with the candidate.