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Mail Tribune 100

Oct. 16, 1914

Dr. James Withycombe, at a reception tendered him by 35 ladies of Ashland Wednesday afternoon, said among other things:

"Oregon is a great state, a remarkable state, a wonderful state. Its giant trees point to the heavens, its silver streams run to the sea. The mountains are covered with valuable forests and are full of rich minerals. The rivers are teeming with fish.

"The fields of Oregon are most fertile ... and I predict a remarkable future for the farmer. I hope to see the day when every farm house shall have hot and cold water.

"I congratulate you on your splendid town and your magnificent armory. What a never-ending source of pleasure it must be to live in such a beautiful place! You have a wonderful park and a most progressive people.

"One suggestion I would make to add to the poetic imagery and lend a fairy touch to the beauty of this delightful city, if I may be excused for making a suggestion to this splendid audience — I would suggest a set of chimes be installed at public expense, so that their soft, silver melody will float out upon the circumbient air and over verdure clad hill and woody dell, romantically blending with the tinkling murmurs of your picturesque creek and musically mingling with the whisper of the zephyrs that softly blow under the sunny skies of our American Italy."

A large crowd is attending the three days' opening at "Mann's Greater Medford Store," commemorating his fourth anniversary and store enlargement necessitated by increased business. Souvenirs are provided, while Hazelrigg's orchestra discourses sweet music.

Just four years ago Mr. Mann purchased this store and stock. In these four years the business has quadrupled in the face of hard times and general business depression. Every month has seen a steady increase in the volume of business and the number of satisfied customers. His old quarters were outgrown and he has secured the adjoining storeroom and remodeled the establishment, doubling its capacity.

How is it that Mr. Mann has been so prosperous, when so many have been complaining? The answer is easy — close attention to business and advertising. Mr. Mann is the largest newspaper advertiser in Medford — and is constantly increasing his space. That is why his store has grown into the "largest, brightest, most complete and busiest" store in Medford.