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Mail Tribune 100

Oct. 19, 1914

Jim George, defendant in the Peter Brown murder trial before the federal court, took the stand in his own behalf this morning, and bore out the trend of the defense's theory that he was with friends at the time the shots were fired that killed Brown. An interpreter sat beside the bespectacled prisoner, but often George in his anxiety would answer the queries in English before the interpreter could ask in his native tongue.

George stood the strain of cross examination well and responded to all questions freely. He testified that he left Brown before reaching the Piute cemetery where the body was found, and that the first he knew of the crime was when he was awakened about noon the next day at the Millar George home, and with the rest of the family drove to the cemetery to see the body of a former friend. He made a strong witness in his own behalf.

To refute the allegations of the government that tracks identical to those of a horse belonging to George were found near the body, the defense put O.G. Anderson, a Klamath cattle man, on the stand who testified that a day or two before the murder, he and the defendant had rode through the cemetery, and that George rode a sorrel horse. The government on cross examination proved that George owned two sorrell horses, annulling much of the value of the testimony.

All the evidence in the case will be completed this afternoon, according to expectations, and the arguments in the case begun Monday morning: the case being presented to the jury late Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.

Senator George E. Chamberlain will make a whirlwind campaign tour of the Rogue River valley next Wednesday and Thursday, speaking at Ashland Wednesday afternoon and in this city Wednesday evening at the Natatorium, when the largest gathering of voters in the history of Southern Oregon will assemble to hear the Democratic candidate for re-election as United States senator. Scores of citizens from the county district will come to hear the addresses.

Thursday morning Senator Chamberlain will speak at Jacksonville Thursday afternoon at Gold Hill and Thursday evening at Grants Pass. He will arrive in this city at 10:52 Wednesday morning, and will be met by the Democratic county central committee. Because of his popularity and wide acquaintance, large crowds will hear all his speeches. Hundreds of Jackson County people have known Senator Chamberlain personally for years.