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Mail Tribune 100

Oct. 27, 1914

J.B. Casey of Ashland was acquitted by a jury in the circuit court this morning of the charge of obtaining money under false pretenses. The Medford Grocery Company was the complainant, alleging that Casey purchased goods, giving proof that he has property valued at $3,000, as a basis for extending him credit. Afterwards it is alleged Casey turned all the property over to his wife.

This afternoon the hearing of evidence and drawing of jurors in the case of Ray Toft of this city, accused of perjury in connection with a stolen goods case in this city, was begun. Jointly accused with Toft are A.B. Saling and Edward Heffler of this city. The trio are alleged to have given false testimony before the preliminary hearing.

A young main signing checks as "J.C. Stinger," but whose real name is thought to be J.C. Devereaux, called upon a number of merchants Saturday night and "stung" them for amounts ranging from $12 to $20. He also lived up to his alias in Ashland. This is the first time Medford merchants have fallen for the bad check artist for all of four months. Devereaux, alias "Stinger" alias "Fordyce" alias "Stranger" alias "Dean" and many others, was arrested Monday night by the police and now lies in the city jail.

The first to be stung by "Stinger" was the Model Clothing Company, where he passed worthless paper for the sum of $20. He then walked into Daniels for Duds and did the same thing for the same amount. This morning, Chief Pat Mego was on the trail of a couple of bad checks for $12, each believed to be the handiwork of the same man.

The forger was discovered Monday bright and early. In the afternoon, Ben Plymale of the Model Clothing Company saw Devereaux buying tickets for the Page Theater, and last night waited in the lobby for his return. Devereaux became suspicious and failed to show up. Later he was found by the police.

Devereaux is believed to have passed a half dozen bad checks in Ashland Saturday afternoon, and the police think more will show up in this city.

The arrested man is about 28 years old, well dressed, neat, and apparently of refinement and good education, traits that threw the merchants off their guard.

The Elks carnival will open at the Natatorium tonight, closing tomorrow night. The hall has been decorated for the occasion, and special features, including a quartet, minstrels and novelty stunts, will be given. The second evening will witness the giving away of the Ford automobile. Good crowds are expected on both evenings.