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Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 8, 2014

The city reservoir at Jacksonville was cleaned out Thursday, and the 3,000 fish which inhabited its waters were distributed among a large number of citizens. Those who had been informed of the act gathered, and each received a goodly number. Citizens of the county seat are indebted to certain individuals who a year ago stocked the pond.

The reservoir is merely a pond, and has an earth bottom, consequently when it was cleaned out the draining of the pond was necessary. In this way the citizens were given permission to get the fish.

WASHINGTON — That the government should acquire the hotels and other private improvements in Crater Lake National Park is the striking recommendation of Superintendent Will G. Steel in his annual report to the Secretary of the Interior. which has just been made public.

"The frequent changes of administration in this government, together with the unsatisfactory condition in which the national park service is left by congress, are so pronounced that capitalists are unwilling to advance funds on park concessions in amounts adequate to their needs," writes Mr. Steel. "In consequence of which rapid development is seriously impaired, and the impression is gaining ground among men of large means that such investments are extra hazardous.

"Under such conditions it seems to me imperative that the general government acquire possession of all hotels and other permanent improvements of a private nature within the parks, and that they then be leased to desirable parties for a reasonable consideration. This would be an important step toward making the parks self-sustaining, which they should be. With the road system completed, this revenue, together with that received from automobiles, would make the Crater Lake parks self-sustaining, which they, providing a comprehensive plan of management, were developed to meet new conditions. Construction of private improvements at Crater Lake is yet in its infancy, for which reason I would recommend that the experiment be tried here, where the initial outlay would be comparatively light."