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Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 9, 1914

Fuller returns leave no doubt of the defeat of the Ashland Normal bill by a substantial majority, as well as the Weston Normal bill. The only counties giving the normal bill substantial majorities, as far as known, were Lane, 2,500; Multnomah, 381; Klamath, 806; Josephine, 500; Jackson, 6,500.

Eastern Oregon and Western Oregon voted solidly against the measure, the moss-back counties voting as follows: Linn County, a majority against of 3,788; Marion, 5,430; Clackamas, 3,747; Washington, 2,384, and others in proportion.

Even Umatilla, where the Weston normal is located, returned a majority against the Ashland normal while giving a 1,000 majority for its own school. Jackson, on the other hand, voted almost as strongly for Weston as for Ashland.

The ball game between the bachelors and married men at the Medford Golf and Country Club Saturday resulted in a victory of the bachelors by a score of 14 to 3. Mrs. G.B. Carpenter was official scorekeeper but was unable to help her husband out because her brother was on the opposing side.

Advertisement: Look back at your childhood days. Remember the "dose" mother insisted on — castor oil, calomel, cathartics? How you hated them, how you fought against taking them?

With our children it's different. Mothers who cling to the old form of physic simply don't realize what they do. The children's revolt is well-founded. Their tender little "insides" are injured by them.

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Ask your druggist for a 50-cent bottle of "California Syrup of Figs," which has full instructions for babies, children of all ages and for grown-ups plainly on each bottle. Beware of counterfeits sold here. See that it is made by "California Fig Syrup Company." Refuse any other kind with contempt.