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Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 10, 1914

George Thompson, a discharged employee of the Medford Hotel, yesterday afternoon in a fit of madness threw a stick of stove wood through the big plate glass on the side of the dining room. The piece of wood landed on a table from which a young lady had just arisen. A short time prior to his act, Mr. Thompson had been discharged. He was employed in the kitchen.

He was placed in the city jail. According to himself the act was committed when he was out of his head. According to the arrangements made last night it is probable that Thompson will again work at the hotel and pay for the plate glass he destroyed.

Major W.J. Canton, attorney and hero of the Philippines, found guilty of a crime against nature by a jury in the Circuit Court Saturday afternoon, was sentenced from one to 15 years by Circuit Judge F.M. Calkins this morning. A motion for an appeal and new trial were filed. the court, in passing sentence expressed regret at the turn of events.

It was confidently expected by friends of the sentenced man that he would receive the leniency of the court and be given a suspended sentence. Major Canton received the words of the court with no show of emotion.

Mrs. Fannie McNulty, convicted of forging the name of Mrs. Sarah Collins to a certificate of deposit on the Jackson County bank for $380, was given from two to 20 years, and a motion for a new trial filed by her attorney, B.F. Mulkey.

Mayor Purdin will not be a candidate for mayor at the city election in January. He said Monday that no salary, no political remuneration or love could induce him to enter the race. "I will take to the hills first," he said. Mayor Purdin was appointed to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Mayor W.W. Eifert.

Councilmen Medynski and Sargent are both mentioned as the candidates for the highest office in the city.