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Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 11, 1914

C. Martin, arrested Sunday on a warrant charging non-support of his wife and child, was given another chance in Justice Taylor's court this morning, and dismissed with a lecture. It was impressed upon him that his duties to his family did not cease when work did.

A sidelight on the case was the appearance Tuesday afternoon of Mrs. Martin before Justice Taylor, highly incensed at the arrest of her husband. The law and its limbs receiving a verbal lambasting at her hands.

The new bridge being built by the county across Evans Creek is nearing completion and will be ready for traffic the latter part of the month. It consists of one 116-foot span and is a concrete arch bridge. Owing to the handiness of material, the structure was built at considerably less cost than an iron bridge. Albert Anderson of Grants Pass was the contractor.

The Pacific Highway from Central Point to Farnham Hill will be completed tomorrow, according to Robert A. Telfer of the Clark-Henry company, and open for traffic the same day. This gives a stretch of 17 miles of ideal road. The road is laid with granitoid finish, and a delegation of good roads enthusiasts from Lane County, who are just awakening to the value of passable highways through the Willamette Valley, will inspect it the latter part of the month, according to present plans.

The speed limit has been raised in all the towns to 16 miles an hour.

J.M. Winters of Ross Lane, an expert violin maker, after extensive experiments with Oregon white fir, is of the opinion that it is highly valuable in the manufacture of the bodies of all string musical instruments. Heretofore, all the wood used in the manufacture of violins, guitars, mandolins, etc. in this country has been shipped from Germany, bringing as high as $3 a square foot. The war cut off this supply.

Mr. Winters has made a violin of the white fir, after treating the wood by drying, and says that the tone, sound effects, resilience and appearance are equal to those produced by the German wood.