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Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 14, 1914

Motions for new trials will be argued before Judge F.M. Calkins in the circuit court Monday morning in the cases of Major W.J. Canton, convicted on a vice charge, and Mrs. Fannie McNulty, found guilty of forgery. Both are under sentence, the former from one to 15 years, and the second from two to 20 years. In case of the motion for a new trial being denied, an appeal to the higher court is probable in both cases.

Evidence in the divorce cases of P.C. Dennis vs. Annie Dennis, James Carman vs. Nellie F. Carmen, Samuel Burr vs. Ida Burr and Jill P. Thurman vs. W.H. Thurman were heard this morning. Decrees will be filed later.

A sockless purveyor of the gospel held forth on Haymarket square this morning to 150 or so. Through the toe of his shoes there obtruded a bare foot, and it had been months since he clamped his teeth of yellow-legged chicken, home cooked. His clothes showed the result of crawling down deep in the hay, these chilly nights, and his coffee can hung over his shoulder. About all he seemed to possess were three Bibles and an abiding faith.

The wandering pastor opened his service by reading the passage of Scripture referring to "mansions prepared on high for my children." He has no home on earth, the one beyond invites. He did not harangue about the certainty of hell, but told his hearers to be good and pay their debts and help the poor and live according to their best dictates, and they too would have a mansion in the skies. He took up no collection, contrary to good form; but if he had, his sincerity would have netted him the price of a new pair of shoes and a shave.

Practically the entire school population of the city is at Ashland this afternoon attending the football game between Medford and Ashland teams. A special train with 200 rooters left at 1 o'clock. For the first time in years the Medford team is a favorite with the fans. This year, under Coach Moore, the team is composed of players chosen for their physical, instead of social ability.