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Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 17, 1914

Good luck offset reckless driving early this morning when the heavy fire truck of the Medford Fire Department got beyond the control of driver Danielson at Main and Front streets, and narrowly missed crashing into a concreted lamp post. Fireman Charles Boussum, standing on the running board of the truck, in attempting to jump, was impacted on a lamp hook by his coat sleeve and held suspended and helpless when he was combed off by striking the post. The full force of the terrific blow was borne by his left hip, and he lies in a serious condition at his home. Unless internal injuries develop, he will recover.

The department was racing to a fire that totally destroyed a residence on West Fourth Street, belonging to J.W. Taylor, when the accident occurred. The heavy machine failed to make the curve and headed for the lamp post. Boussum hit the post with such force that he was wrapped around it. Policemen Cady and Carnes rushed to his assistance. he was suffering intense pain. Just before striking the post the machine was swerved away from danger and ran a short distance north on the railroad tracks. The auto truck was stopped and Boussum's fellows rushed to his assistance. Later he was taken to the Nash Hotel and Dr. F.G. Thayer called, who relieved him of his pain.

The fire completely destroyed the house owned by J.W. Taylor, and with no regular tenant, a party of men cooked their supper there, and a defective flue is supposed to have been the origin of the blaze. Tom Hickman slept in the house and was awakened by smoke, narrowly escaping suffocation. The loss is placed at $600.

Driver Danielson attributed the accident to the failure of the steering gear to work promptly.