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Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 19, 1914

George H. Himes of Portland and E.J. Kaiser of Ashland are meeting with Will G. Steele in Medford today, taking up the work of the Oregon Geographic Board to which they were recently appointed. Mr. Himes is the secretary of the Oregon Historical Society, and has in the past half century and more made a vast collection of valuable Oregon historic data that receives small appreciation now, but will be invaluable to mankind. He mines this data every day and hour, and horads it like a miser does his dollar, that this mass of wealth may be preserved and not perish with the generation that made early Oregon history. As a collector of history, his lifetime's work will leave something for his successors to ponder over and appreciate.

Mr. Himes arrived in the county Thursday and will visit Central Point Saturday and will leave Sunday for Douglas County.

Letter: In view of the fact that there are a number of indigent people in the city who will have to aid for support during the coming winter, a number of charitable people of Medford have thought it would be a good thing to do to organize an associated charities body to assist in such work, as under present conditions people appeal to the mayor, and as the city has no fund for charitable relief, the only thing he can do is take the matter up with the city council and have relief granted, and all this takes time; but if there was an association in the city, with an office where aid could be obtained for the needy, much time and effort would be saved and relief could be more promptly given.

To bring about a betterment of these conditions, a meeting is here by called for Saturday evening, November 21, 1914, at the hour of 8:00 o'clock at the public library where such an association for charitable purposes may be formed. Each of the churches and the several lodges in the city are requested to send one or more delegates to this meeting, and all persons with charitable inclinations and who wish to aid in this work are requested to be present at this meeting.

Respectfully, MAHLON PURDIN, Mayor.