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Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 23, 1914

J. Otto, a ranchman of the Central Point district, sustained three broken ribs Friday afternoon as the result of being thrown from a high-seated wagon when his team became frightened and ran away. The wagon was badly broken and one of the horses received a severe cut on his right hind leg. The accident occurred on Beatty Street. Mr. Otto was taken to the Sacred Heart Hospital.

LONDON, Nov. 23 — The American embassy announced today that hereafter American passports must bear the photographs of the persons to whom they are issued, in accordance with the recent order of the state department at Washington. Passports now outstanding must be submitted within two weeks to the embassy or to the American consulates to have photographs attached and officially stamped, or they will be invalid.

This order is designed to prevent the misuse of American passports in the belligerent countries of Europe. Carl Hans Lody, the German spy recently executed in the tower of Leon, admitted that he was using an American passport. A passport also was in the possession of the man known as Horst Von Der Goltz or Bridgman Taylor, now under arrest here under similar conditions. the prisoner has admitted that he is now an American although born in San Francisco. He is of German parentage and was reared in Germany.

He served in Mexico on the staff of Francisco Madero, as a major and later tried to enter the German army, but was rejected. he obtained money from the American relief committees in Berlin and Rotterdam on the strength of his American passport, made out in the name of Taylor. An investigation is being made of the manner in which he obtained this passport.

Any doubt existing as to the superiority of the Ashland football team was dispelled Saturday afternoon, when they defeated the Medford high school before the largest crowd that ever saw a football game in this section, by a score of 12 to 0. The score does not begin to tell the difference in ability between the two teams.