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Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 27, 1914

Poverty, if it exists in this city, did not show its hand Thanksgiving to any great extent, for but seven families were supplied with holiday dinners by the Associated Charities, according to Dr. J. Lawrence Hill, the organization president. This is less than was expected. This morning five calls for help were received and supplied after an investigation. The Associated Charities is guarding against any imposition by the unworthy.

The great American holiday was fittingly observed throughout the city, principally by family dinners and gatherings. The business houses closed. It was a very quiet day. Union services of the churches of the city were held at the Methodist church with a large attendance.

Newcomb Carlton, president of the Western Union Telegraph company, arrived in Medford on his special car Wednesday evening, and spent Thanksgiving with his brother, E.W. Carlton of Table Rock. During the day Mr. Carlton visited points of interest including the country club, but on account of the dense fog, was unable to see much of the valley.

President Carlton believes that very prosperous times are ahead for the nation and that daily the situation is improving. He states that the telegraph company is in the best of position to ascertain conditions and that all reports show rapid improvement in the financial and economic aspects. He said: 

"We have a system of keeping tabs on business conditions throughout the country. Each week we receive telegraphic reports from our principal offices. About a month ago these reports began to show small areas of prosperity cropping out. These are spreading rapidly, and prosperity will be general within a short time, I am sure.

"The telegraph business is a mighty good index of general conditions, and comparison of our receipts now and with those of the corresponding period a year ago shows that we are only one per cent below the last year's showing, which is mighty good.

"One of the big reasons for increased business is the federal reserve banking act. And as the weeks roll by the benificient effects of the measure will come to be very apparent."