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Mail Tribune 100

Nov. 28, 1914

Edgar Hafer, who recently purchased the Renshaw ranch on Bear Creek, just south of Medford, has formulated a co-operative proposal to the people of Medford for the erection of a sawmill and box factory to be located upon this property, one-third of the capital of $150,000 to be furnished by Mr. Hafer, one-third subscribed by the citizens of the valley, and the remaining one-third to be treasury stock for future enlargements. The Pacific & Eastern will extend to the mill and the Southern Pacific is already there. The capacity of the plant will be 50,000 feet per day. The annual payroll required will be $80,000, and the amount now sent abroad for lumber and fruit boxes, averaging $200,000 a year, be kept at home.

Mr. Hafer was manager of the Iowa Lumber & Box company and later of its successor, the Crater Lake Lumber company, and operated for several years the local box factory. He has secured not only the most available site for such a plant, but the mill machinery and equipment formerly used. He is also the owner of a tract of timber in the Butte Falls section.

Jackson County has been celebrated far and wide as a "banner fruit section," and it well deserves the reputation, but few people realized that it is just as well adapted to the growing of many of the staple farm products. It has remained for the boys and girls of the county to put it on the map as one of the greatest agricultural counties of Oregon. At the same time, the fact that we have some very hard-working and energetic boys and girls has been fully demonstrated.

Carl Megerlie of Rogue River raised the best and smoothest onions grown by any boy in the state. Likewise, Joe Davis of Soda Springs raised the soundest cabbage, Viva McDonough of Ashland the finest watermelon, Claus Charley of Brownsboro the best and highest yield of corn, and Audley Meyer of Lake Creek the greatest yield of potatoes. The two latter boys get trips to the Panama-Pacific exposition at San Francisco next year. The story in brief of their work may be of interest to the people of this section.