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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 6, 1914

Advertisement: Get That Victrola for Christmas

Your whole family will be pleased on Christmas morning to find a Victrola in the home.

The Victrola is a worthy addition to any home. Its music and entertainment are always welcome, and there's surely no better time to get a Victrola than right now.

As the greatest retail distributors of Victrolas on the Pacific Coast, our house carries the most complete stock, offers the most perfect and prompt service. Your needs are understood and appreciated, and the courtesy of our Victrola sales department will delight you.

Come in today and see about your Victrola ($15 to $200) — arrange your own terms of payment — within reason — and we'll deliver it any time before Christmas.

Your Money's Worth or Your Money Back.

HALE PIANO HOUSE, 217 West Main Street

An unusual booking arrangement was completed last evening by the management of the Page theater, closing a contract with the Box Office Attraction company of New York, whereby they have secured the exclusive booking for Medford of this company's attractions.

The management of this popular theater, realizing general financial conditions, and the fact that many of the road shows were being cancelled, decided to assume an unusual expense for the production of the very best photoplays.

With the addition of the Box Office attractions which will be shown on Monday and Tuesday of each week, the management has completed a full week's showing of features. There is not a theater in any of the largest cities on the coast having more expensive or better booking than the Page at the present time. There is not a city on the coast the size of Medford with a booking equal to the present arrangement at this theater.

In addition to an all-of-the-time feature program, the large Page theater orchestra is the largest musical organization playing for pictures in the state. There will be no change in admission, as the large seating capacity of this house will permit the present prices to remain unchanged.

The first attraction from this latest booking will be December 14 and 15, and will be announced within a day or two.