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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 11, 1914

Not satisfied with stealing seventy-five sacks of beans belonging to a Mr. Kelly, living three and one-half miles north of Central Point, thieves set fire to his barn, wherein the staple food of the United States army (beans) was stored, adding arson to burglary. It is thought they hoped to cover up the theft. The beans comprised a season's crop.

The thieves are supposed to have used a wagon to cart away their plunder.

Constable C.S. Sanderson of the Central Point district has requested all dealers to keep a record of their bean purchases.

According to the announcement of the district forester at Portland, the recently passed agricultural appropriation bill contained in a provision by which $100,000 is to be set aside for the destruction of predatory animals.

It is estimated that over $15,000,000 worth of stock is destroyed annually in the United States through the depredations of such animals as wolves, coyotes, wildcats, cougars and bears.

While the Biological Survey will have charge of the work, the forest service will co-operate with them in the regions of the west where there are national forests. The service has already had some experience in hunting wild animals. The invasion of the National forest range in years past by wolves, coyotes and cougars has been very marked, and it has at times been found necessary to employ trained hunters to trap and kill these invaders. The rangers, too, have done excellent work in trapping and poisoning these preying animals. But the service has been handicapped for lack of funds to spend in hiring men for this purpose and furnishing them with the necessary arms and ammunition. Hence, the work done has been but a temporary relief.

Now, however, that an appropriation has been made,t he work can be carried on with some hope fo success, and stock owners, both inside and outside of the National forests, may look forward to the time when their sheep and cattle will be free from the attacks of the these rapacious marauders.