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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 12, 1914

Advertisement: The Tobacco Company of California is making an attractive holiday offer in this city just now, which in fact amounts to a double Christmas gift, for they are giving away free with each 90¢ glass humidor of Tuxedo tobacco a 50¢ pack of gold-edge Congress Playing Cards.

These cards are the well known brand made by the U.S. Playing Card company and retailing everywhere for 50 cents a pack. Nothing like starting an evening's social play with a nice, clean, new deck of these well-known cards, especially in a mixed party, for the ladies always appreciate new cards to play with.

The makers of Tuxedo emphasize the fact, in giving away these cards that Tuxedo is rally a "home smoke" and can be smoked in the presence of ladies without giving offense. it has long been the boast of Tuxedo men that it is the only tobacco which can be smoked in a closed room without leaving traces of odor in lace curtains, furnishings, etc. The experiment has often been tried and housewives testify that there is none of the deadness generally noticed in the air, but only a mild fragrance remains from the tobacco smoke of the night before.

This double Christmas gift should surely merit the attention of every smoker in the city, and all of them are advised to take advantage of this free offer, for the offer is qualified by the statement "while the supply lasts." Go early and be sure.

High School Notes: Glen Simmons  and sister, Miss Beatrice, who are new arrivals from Nebraska, are attending the local high school.

December 18th school will close to allow the teachers to attend the Oregon State Teachers' association meeting at Eugene. The vacation period will be two weeks.

The entertainment at the Page December 18 will be given for the purpose of helping to pay for the expense of the athletic field. No cause is more worthy of your support, and you are urged to help and do all in your power to make it a success in every particular.

The alumni plan to give a ball Christmas night, to which all members of the high school are invited.

The local high school basketball team will play Central Point high in the near future.