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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 13, 1914

Editorial: The Mail Tribune wishes to commend the good work being done locally by the Associated Charities in investigating and relieving deserving cases of poverty and illness.

There are so many shiftless and worthless who are not deserving of relief, but who make a practice of sponging on the community, and there is need of investigation lest the relief be wasted. But there exist some cases of real suffering that deserve alleviation.

The bureau is not receiving the assistance and support in merits, either in clothing, supplies or cash. It needs them all, and every one can rest assured that the relief work will be well done. Even the churches have not lent much of a helping hand in this needed effort to provide help.

Practically every charity that exists in Portland makes a business of soliciting aid of the state. An unending stream of solicitors in constantly begging for aid for Portland's organized charities. As a result, most of the contributions go to pay traveling and living expenses of the solicitors. In return, no assistance is rendered the balance of the state.

The Associated Charities is a local institution. It is managed by Dr. J. Lawrence Hill, who is donating his time and energy to the good work. It deserves all you can spare for charity, and in aiding it you are aiding humanity.

Madam Winterroth, palmist, clairvoyant and trance medium, now located in our city, is creating sensations by her true predictions.

She has engaged a patronage of the very best people of our city. She reads you as an open book, past, present and future, and sets you on the right road to health, wealth and happiness. All those in doubt don't fail to see this gifted woman as she is here for a few days only. Office Colonial Flats South Riverside. Phone 226.