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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 26, 1914

Members of the Drama League center are congratulating themselves and the playgoing public on the announcement made by Dr. Page last evening to the effect that a booking had been secured from May Robsoth in "Martha by the Day," for the evening following New Year's. They had anticipated having to make a trip to Ashland to witness this production by one of America's most popular artists. With a performance, however, assured in this city, the center will go to work with energy to give it all the desired support.

Petitions are being circulated for Frank Amy as councilman from the second ward. Mr. Amy was formerly a Central Point farmer, left and moved here some five years or so ago, upon the sale of his ranch, and is a partner of T.E. Pottenger in the ownership of city property.

John D. Skinner of 1020 East Main Street has announced his candidacy in the first ward. George Porter, incumbent, refusing to be a candidate again.

Bud Anderson, ex-pride of Medford and one-time "Made in Medford" lightweight title contender, can now go back to the farm he used to say he loved so well. The last straw came Christmas night at Wallace, Idaho, when Frank Barrien, a class Z pugilist, hammered him so artistically that his second threw up the sponge in the third round to save Anderson from a knockout. Anderson is scheduled to fight Sammy Good at Pendleton on New Year's Day.

The few remaining faithful followers of Anderson in this city were surprised at his last defeat, and expressed the hope that he will find something else to do before he is killed in action.