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Mail Tribune 100

Dec. 31, 1914

ASHLAND, Dec. 31. — With the announcement just made that Senator Chamberlain has introduced a bill in the senate for a $100,000 appropriation for a public building at Ashland, it is well to remember that credit for this movement is due to the logical commercial club. That organization has fought for this improvement both early and late, both in the season and out of season, and whether the building is erected sooner or later, the club will have the satisfaction of knowing that its labors have not been in vain. The agitation for the new building was begun years ago, but it is only of recent date that a new impetus was given to the project.

Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Herbert have been holiday visitors with numerous relatives at Corvallis, Newport and other points.

Medford Visitors

William Meyer left early in the week on a business trip to Portland.

The two dromios — Bill Ulrich of Medford and Luke Ryan of Jacksonville — were in the city for a brief period Wednesday forenoon. From the fact that in coming and returning they both took advantage of the limited autocar 32 and 34 minute service, respectively, it was suspected that they had imperative business "up their sleeve."

At the recent state convention of teachers at Eugene, strong resolutions were adopted favoring more normal schools in Oregon. This agitation, too, came from localities other than southern Oregon, so that it cannot be imputed a selfish motive, was involved in the way of favoring certain territory. This incident is mentioned particularly for the edification of those to whom  the wish is father to the thought that the normal school question is a dead letter.

Council Meeting

The city council held its 1914  watch meeting Tuesday night, a full quorum being present. Even Mayor Johnson staved off an attack of the grip in order to meet his confreres in matters of high import to the municipality. Most of the questions reviewed were retrospective in keeping with the closing days of the old year, consequently city hall surroundings were somber and the staid proceedings devoid of all frivolity. The first Tuesday in January, however, the city dads will glance into the perspective and plan accordingly for a big grist of work in 1915.