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Mail Tribune 100

Jan. 2, 1915

To the Editor: 

I wish to say a word in regard to the establishment of a beet sugar factory in the Rogue River valley. I have heard much discussion about the advisability of such a thing, and I want to say that any farmer who is not willing to devote all the acreage he can spare to this object is working against his own interest as well as against the development of the valley. I know from actual experience that a beet sugar factory is the best thing that has come this way from a financial standpoint, as the farmer will found out after the first season. The tops make the finest kind of fodder for dairy cows. The dried pulp is highly beneficial.

Profits Per Acre

I feel that it would be a great mistake to pass this proposition up, as the farmer can clear from $50 to $100 per acre from land that at present he is getting scarcely anything from.

If you go into this beet raising business, you know before hand what you are going to get, as the beets are already sold, the price per ton is established and you can't lose. If you farmers pass this opportunity up, you should forever hold your peace and never grumble about not being able to make money on your land while your trees or growing, or not being able to break even at the end of the season at least.

Bids for First Sugar

I am going to put all the acreage in beets that I can spare, and will give $10 for the first sack of sugar produced, and if there is any one that wants it more than I do they will have to bid more. I can further say that Mr. Bromley's statement in regard tot he expense of raising beets is practically true. Farmers who have families can very materially reduce the expense by doing the work themselves.

It makes no difference what value you place on your land, it comes back to the old saw, what will it produce? Orange County, Calif., has a beet acreage of 40,000 acres and five sugar beet factories. Do you think they would raise beets there if it did not pay, where land values are as high as they are here? I want the sugar companies' checks. I have had them before and they look good to me.

Yours very truly,